Why Choose Sparkling Facility Services

1. Cost effective, specialist services provided to a high standard

No matter the level of facility management that you require, we pride ourselves on giving you both the efficiency savings of outsourcing, tied with the same degree of control you would have if you provided these services in house.
With savings of up to 15% available from day one, guaranteed, our facilities management can help deliver the savings you need to cut costs in today’s climate. For more information about how we can help make your businesses more efficient and sustainable please speak with a member of our team

2. Get the job done right, first time all the time

At Sparkling Facility Services, our staffs are well motivated and carry out their tasks with energy and enthusiasm, putting in every effort to achieve the best standard the first time all the time, without having to come back to rectify. We give everything our utmost best and if we cannot do ‘it’ we get an ‘expert’ who will do it without compromise to your business.

3. A dedicated team that is thorough and friendly

Our technical staffs are dedicated and carry out their job with due diligence. They will advice you through every step and processes until your job is completed. Our skilled staffs aim to complete every task to exceed expectation knowing that sometimes the good is not good enough. Our team members are very friendly, professional and very thorough in their approach