Marble Restoration

One of the first thing people may notice when entering your home or business premises is the floor. If your marble flooring is fading from dirt, scratches and exposure to the elements, it may be time to restore it back to its natural beauty. Cleaning marble floors is very important to maintain its freshness. You would need to seek professional marble restoration and cleaning services for the most effective results.

At Sparkling Facility Services our staffs are fully trained in the latest technology and techniques available for floor polishing and restoration. We specialize in various aspects of floor maintenance like marble cleaning and polishing, marble restoration etc.

You can rely on our expertise, experience and professionalism to ensure total satisfaction. We use certified abrasives and polishers to bring that natural and long lasting shine to your floor.

At Sparkling Facility Services we can provide a maintenance program for your floor which saves you time and money. Our natural treatment will leave your floor polished and shining all the time. There is no longer any need to apply waxes, polish or expensive cleaners anymore. Sealing & buffing, stripping & waxing can now be eliminated saving you a significant amount of money each year in floor maintenance costs.